The truth about the draft beer (6 photos)

Friday in the yard, while a beer with your friends! But I am a bit spoil your appetite Friday

Everybody knows that in the shops, bars and restaurants can order a glass, poltorashechku, dvushechku, trёshechku etc. draft beer. We have all seen how the bartender or clerk skillful movement heals bottle in defoamer tower and calculates displacement beer at this very bottle, or substituting a glass (glass) occurs the same thing but without clamp. What unites all of these places and equipment "accrual»?
And only one thing unites them - the equipment that goes through pivasik. But we tend to see only the tip of the case, and what is behind the scenes?
Here's what:
Barrels, hoses and cooler.

Yasen dick sooner or later the whole thing gets clogged with all sorts of types of beer waste flakes, fermentation and other substances by shit, about which many people are not even aware when buying this "wonderful" swill. And Che do? Yasen horseradish - to wash beer equipment.
But how? And so: or rather this:

You ask Che is this fuck. My answer is simple, it is to wash the barrel of that same equipment with by shit beer hoses and other places along the route pivandrika.

Its essence is as follows. In that same barrel driven into the water and particularly a strong alkali is added, it is done "by eye". Here you guessed it, everything in the hands of the person who actually bodyazhit this "solution." In other words, he can ёpnut to doherischa alkali, which is then thrown out of the dick so hoses (more on this later), or not to fill it at all (in order to save, for example). In short it makes the guys usually do not understand the meaning of the word chemistry in general. Pro ranges from washing to wash, I generally keep quiet, ka kpravilo they vary from week to + infinity.

In general, the fitting connecting zaborku begins the process of "washing". On the "tower" rises "spoon", and everything else like beer, flooded pressure and went into the hoses do not get it mixed up before, we call it a solution. Having driven in the hoses, this "solution", wait time, but here as again all in the hands of "chemist", he could hurry somewhere and actually stupid immediately connect zaborku back to a barrel of beer and good if he came down from the crane at least a little beer, although the idea has to do, first rinse in the second round but only with water to drive this same alkali which is oh so not like to flow out of the hoses. Here and there, and that is generally overlooked or clog the drain at this "solution." And as you know the next customer who bought the snacks at best oherenny poison, at worst - will die (sorry but this could be after a liter of alkali especially drunk). The following customers as ohereyut from indigestion because of lye hose does not go very long, very long time to get it washed by fresh beer

In short the picture hard to see but this fucking bucket all the shit that came out of the hose, including alkali, beer cereal, beer residues stuhshie IP If you think that you are lucky and even a chemist washed properly and there was nothing left - remove the glasses. If you pass on the chemical. analysis of the beer which will be released even after the 50th-liter, there will be a lot more then.
Yes, I know that right now you say you pontanetes so that you do not buy beer by the glass, and so on in the place of manufacture of the drink and the essence of the meaning of washing the same. Only in the industrial scale.

And last, no matter where you poured a beer, in the backwoods or in a rich restaurant, the status of places will not change the principle of flushing so enjoy fresh alkali and all beer waste from beer equipment, you can always ... If you ever drank beer especially by the glass, Be sure you are not only drinking beer


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