Drink billions of excrement

East, of course, is a delicate matter. A particularly Asian cuisines, I would say, the concept of hyperfine. But some details of a physiological nature, I would prefer not to know. I mean, I absolutely do not care of what and exactly how prepared a particular dish.
I was at one time the topic of elite varieties of coffee. The bottom line is that the most expensive varieties produced by natural organic processing - that is, passing the gastrointestinal tract of animals - from small (Indonesian Luwak - horkopodobnoe such animal) to elephants. Grains, once in the digestive tract of animals is fermented by enzymes, and becoming rich shades of related products, which were eating together - banana, mango, etc. I can not call myself a particularly impressionable, but there was a steady number of associative: gourmet coffee out of your ass.
The Japanese, inspired by the success of advanced kofevodov Indonesia, decided to go further and expand the range of fecal products. Special cynicism attached to this event by the fact that they did so with a drink of millions. And what there is. Billions of people. Now in Japan there was an elite beer «Un, Kono Kuro". Naturally, it is used for its production of coffee beans b / y, the last elephant tract. (Although what they did with these elephants rush there? And if you try through man?)
Like this. Nothing is sacred. Fewer things in the world, and technologies that are not made through the ass. It's too bad that the grapes digested with virtually no residue - except for seed. And this, of course, is not enough for the production of high-end Veuve Clicquot. But wheat for vodka is even possible to experiment.


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