We had 10 years ago, back in 1996.

We had 10 years ago, back in 1996. In the subway, we had fun playing in the Chinese "Tetris" bought on the shuttle markets. In science fiction movies, we saw a huge TV hanging on the wall. At home, we are familiar with such delightful things like "video", or more precisely «VHS», through which we watched "Rambo" in monophonic translation Volodarskogo crunching then newfangled "chips." Perhaps some of us vaguely heard about some "pagers". About MP3 finally can not hear ... And about the cellular probably too. And if anyone in those years was the personal computer, be sure to monitor hung shield. Well, or at least an iron one was tightly surrounded by all kinds of cacti.


first mobile phones were not mobile. They differed very solid weight and dimensions. Wear them in the pocket of his pants, and even more so the shirt was extremely problematic. Yes, and cellular communications in 1996 was worth big money. But such a phone can be split walnut or cause serious cranial trauma competitor, and its radiation forced to "jump" in the TV picture.


Floppy - first eight- and five-inch, and then replaced them "trehdyuymovochki" - had a very small capacity, and the volume of information that had to be moved from one place to another, constantly growing. ZIP-Drive was positioned as a replacement capacious three-inch floppy disk. Capacity of media up to 100 or even 250 megabytes, with many drives can work with old and new disks. However, the reliability ZIP-drives was very small, besides, they soon superseded all the usual CDs.

Hand-held scanner Genius

If the keyboard - it's completely hand tool to enter information into the computer, the "hand-held scanner" - is a semi-automatic. Work with such devices was not easy - I had slowly and carefully to smuggle scanner across the image area and try not to move out to the side, or the picture is distorted. In addition, any speck of dust that gets on the image sensor or the protective glass, for obvious reasons, turned into a long strip. Automatic scanners to save people from the heavy and laborious work.

Protective ekran

Protective shield - a mysterious device, the benefits of which argue to this day, was bought to the owner of the computer "did not suffer from the radiation of the eye." Protective shield perches on a CRT monitor and clung to his heel special suspenders. Image immediate transition in soft shades of brown, markedly increases the contrast. However, the brightness dropped. Advanced models are equipped with special protective shields provodochki with "crocodile" at the end, taking all the "negative energy" in the computer case. Say, what's the use of a protective screen was no more than a cactus, standing next to the monitor.


Pager was the first mobile communications available to citizens a resurgent Russia. A small plastic box with a display, reinforced belt, transfer all posts by relatives and friends who took a nice girl-operator. Often the message did not reach its destination due to technical problems; In addition, it was impossible to send abusive message. The most common April Fool's joke of the time - sending a pager text: "Honey, I'm pregnant».


The idea of ​​combining in one unit of the TV and the VCR came up with engineers from the company Supra. This small unit is usually placed in the kitchen, so during cooking or friendly booze could enjoy scenes from "Terminator" or "Rambo". And video recorder worked better than TV - due to the absence of long wires connecting the "telly" and "Vidic." However, to repair or replace almost any block had to disassemble the machine almost to the last screw.


Tetris - a puzzle invented by Alexey Pajitnov - needs no introduction. Having lived in personal computers, game moved into portable crafts mainly made in China, clad in body crackled. Their creators have promised first "100 games in one", then 900, and then more, but in fact it was the same Tetris, which changed only the rate of fall of the figures, their number and shape. Wonderful pastime was guaranteed to those who do not forget me penlight batteries.

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