Former profession very famous people.

Of course, it is difficult to believe, but Lyudmila Zykina once worked as a turner. In this ten - former profession is very famous people. Incidentally, some of them are very proud of them.

Julia Roberts before becoming a movie star, selling shoes and clothes, and then some time working as a waitress at McDonalds. And she is still proud of the fact that over 1 minute client can sell potatoes, hamburger and cola.

Billy Joel in his youth made a living catching oysters. He himself once admitted that he can eat 30 oysters or even 40 at a time, although there were times when he could not even look at them.

Jean Reno was a stagehand. It was there and saw it for the first time and made the ball right in overalls.

Rod Stewart, imagine a little of what was once unknown, he was still an unknown gravedigger.

Jim Hackman once worked as a radio technician, seller, waiter, doorman, even as a bouncer at a New York restaurant.

Sly, that is, Sylvester Stallone, also worked as a bouncer and was still cleaner animal cells and a professional card player. They say that's where he got the idea that the fight can make money: it is very often the case that the game ended in fist proceedings.

Little Richard was once a real priest. It looks unlikely, but some argue that he was crowned with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

Warren Beatty carefully concealed his profession. In his youth he served in the office of the municipal derotizatsii, simply put, was the pied piper.

Dustin Hoffman in his youth was a great glutton, and his immoderate appetite even he was fired from the restaurant where he worked as a dishwasher.

Alain Delon in childhood did not like to study. But despite this, he brilliantly defended his diploma butcher and the first time after graduation worked in a sausage shop of his father, who taught Delon skillfully separating meat from bones.


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