Poodle inexpensive want?

Remember in "The Twelve Chairs" episode where Bender describes the scam on horse races, related to the sale instead Orlov trotter painted mestizo? So this is garbage compared to business in ferrets.
It turns out that if this is a good animal to fatten on steroids so carefully combed, it is possible to sell as purebred poodle. As can be confused - I have no idea, even with comparable size (compared with a toy poodle ferret even much longer, but everything else ...) However, the market of La Salada in Buenos Aires trade ferrets (a subspecies of the ferret) - it is very common. Give them at the same time for small purebred dogs (poodles and small terriers, Chihuahuas). It seems that buying is not very savvy people living creatures such as the fact sell revealed in the veterinary inspection, when the happy owners bring their pets to the vaccine.
However, not all horkovladeltsy file complaints against sellers. And then - no end of laughter and ferrets - also animals are very funny and friendly. Basically, if people are not particularly versed in the animal world, and he just needs a shaggy friend, it is understandable.
But the approach is certainly inspires. Well this is what the power of suggestion must have to vparit animal of another species. Here are just animals and for pity. Steroids - they are for ferrets steroids.


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