Race hits kinetic sculptures (14 photos)

In Baltimore, the last race of huge dolls that pushed participants, overcame various stages on the way to victory.

Artist Tony Walker (red trousers), who works as a nurse in the operating room, prepare their sculptures before "Kinetic parade" May 1st. This is the 10th hits for Fifi - a huge pink poodle in the middle, which is owned by the American Museum Vizhenari, who is the organizer of the parade. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

Participants of the race known as the "kinetics", has its own team of technicians. In the photo: Ivy Smith - a member of the team of technicians «PLATYPUS» - waiting for the parade. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

"Some people think that this garbage on the wheels, - says Teresa Segreto Vizhenari from the museum. - But it's art. " In the photo: one of the puppet parade called "The Hell" with red devil's head. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

Race-race parade came through sculptures, which took place in California in 1969, founded by sculptor Hobart Brown. Race in Baltimore - the largest of their kind on the East Coast. Photo: Spectators lined the route of the contestants. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

Sarah Templin (left) and Teresa ran Segreto figure pink poodle Fifi. They decided to dress appropriately. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

Circus elephant rides Bumpe on Warren Avenue in the run-up to the race. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

"Modern caterpillar" is controlled by six cyclists. It was one of the two tracks on the race. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

Frank Conlan and Shari Edelson are "Los Baltimertos" - "endangered" in view of Baltimore merchants carts. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

The audience also came prepared. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

These participants - gingerbread house on a life-size - have prepared a surprise for the aqueous phase of the competition - in the form of candy paddle. This candy house won the most coveted prize of the competition - for originality. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

"Chessie" Tony Walker came out of the harbor of Baltimore unexpectedly. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

Fifi also successfully overcame the aqueous phase of the race. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

Team members «Platypus» trying to get out of a big mud pit, because of which the team had to get off the platform and push it. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

Sarah Jennings is on the road after a sculpture of her team appeared in the harbor of Baltimore. In general, the race lasted from 10: 00 to 17:30. Teams began to gather a few hours before. People were pushing their platforms from the start to the finish. (Eli Meir Kaplan)


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