Organ of hearing in the grasshopper is on his front paws.
Taste buds on the human tongue live an average of 7-10 days, and then die and are replaced by new ones. So taste that you feel today is a bit different from the taste that you felt a week ago.
Our language is able to feel the sugar in water at a concentration of 1 to 200. (1 g of sugar per cup of water).
Snakes ears have nevertheless capable of detecting sound vibrations via language.
Human vision can distinguish 500 different shades of gray.
With the loss of vision in one eye, the amount of visual information perceived by the person shall be reduced by 20 percent.
Women peripheral (side) vision is broader than that of men.
In the brain of animals and fish zone responsible for the sense of smell, takes a much larger proportion than the corresponding in humans.
Cornea - the only part of the human body, which is supplied with oxygen directly from the air rather than by circulation.
The very first feeling that develops in babies - touch.


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