Ignore your feelings, ignore yourself

When you ignore your feelings, you ignore yourself.

Why? Because the person consists of feelings. Every day you feel something and those feelings have a major impact on decision-making in your life. Is the driving force behind your every move. Ignore your feelings — it's like breathing to ignore, to deny his life.

And the saddest thing about this is that people are not born with this skill, children freely Express joy, grief, fear or displeasure. Just at some point you say that you don't have to feel what you feel now that you are "just" too sensitive that you imagine something "invented". In this moment your senses ignore, condemn you.

So gradually you start to believe in what you "think" that you feel, become "comfortable" representative of the society, you will not defend your boundaries when they are violated and hurt you, will not protest and shout when you psychologically humiliate, or trample. Your feelings at this point are not identified. And if, God forbid, will protest and talk about their experiences, will condemn you, call you a "weak person", because it is considered indecent, worse than publicly get naked.

This is a fundamental problem of violence is not to pay attention to the feelings. When your senses do not recognize, you use as a thing. And ignoring his own feelings — the worst violence of all. To pretend as if nothing happened, to deny the pain, to kill the capacity for feeling — it means not to live your life.

When you are taught to beschuvstvie, you may be forced to devalue their own experiences. It is literally crazy — the fact of feeling there is, and you say it doesn't exist. And the more sensitive, the more serious damage to the experiencing psyche.

Ignoring your reality undermines self-confidence, and this in turn destroys self-esteem. This may be the worst crime one person can commit against another without lifting a finger. It's not even considered illegal or immoral. Physical violence is horrible, but the body will be healed, and denial of the senses, "killing the soul" is a crime against humanity, which is not a violation of the law.

Denying your reality and feelings day after day, living as if nothing happened, you betray your own nature. Yes, you comfortable people, you can do anything, but ask yourself — do you feel comfortable letting someone else dictate how you should feel? After all, weakness is not to confess his feelings. In fact, it is a strong person can face with intense feeling, to realize it, to live, to control and use as a resource that improves the quality of life. Consciously track my feelings, to find out the cause of their origin and use them to act — this requires real courage.


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Allow yourself to feel what you feel and don't spend too much time on those who are still afraid of tears.published


Author: Elena Rakitova


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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