Toilet case

When King Louis XIV at Versailles, there were more than 250 royal chamber pots located in different places of the palace. Monarch was productive ...
According to studies conducted by the University of Arizona, USA, on one square centimeter of the toilet seat there are up to 10 microbes, and on the office desk - 400 times more.
The first toilet paper rolls was made in the 1870s, but the popularity it has gained only 30 years later, in the early 20th century.
Britain's Prince Charles collects toilet seats.
Emperor Vespasian in the first century AD Rome has entered into pay toilets to replenish the treasury.
On toilet paper, used in the British Parliament, it is written: «Govt. Property, Now Wash Your Hands »(property of the Government. Wash your hands.)
The Spike Jones Orchestra, among other uses as a musical instrument toilet seat with taut strings on it.
In the house of the famous American pianist Liberace was folding toilet, hidden in the floor and finished with gold coins.
Jack Nicholson in the toilet seat was placed a dead rattlesnake. It's probably for the efficiency of the process
Prior to 1801 in the US White House amenities were "in the yard," and only if Thomas Jefferson were built two wings of the building with two restrooms.
Every third inhabitant of the Earth washes the water in the toilet bowl, while still on it.


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