Occupation - fire ladder

In the world there are a number of professions that are not only popular, but also cause frank "Fu" and "Phi" for many of us. One of these is the work of scavengers. Reporting of severe peasants and their difficult working weekdays read under the cut.

For a romantic trip with male vacuum trucks, we began to prepare in advance. Precaution was wearing clothes that do not mind spoiling and the meeting scheduled for the afternoon (so as not to return to the office and not to please colleagues magical scent).
With fire ladder company "Bioecology" we met near the car loaded with a barrel for the very "working material". Tandem turned different age: a pair of working pensioners Pavel Sokolov and 20-year-old Sergei Grakovich. Grandfather and grandson - this we learned later. Marafet long have imposed - wearing jackets, rubber boots - and forward, to conquer the top of the workers.

Free mountains and streams ...
With the "mountains" and "top" fire ladder periodically encountered in the truest sense of the word. Especially in winter, when the contents freeze dry closets and inevitably expands the number of visitors. In this state, clear the "hot spot" is not possible. Bona fide tenant (or the owner of the toilet) puts into the heater, in other cases, all cases are postponed until the spring. And what happens in the days when the streams flow, predictably ...
Armed with valuable information, hit the road. Today, all construction sites, parking lots, service stations and other public places must have toilets, so work in vacuum trucks galore. In addition to the state "Spetskommunavtotransa" clean toilets doing great and privateers. Most often, this service of their own booths leased.

We were accompanied by the director of "Bio-ecology", which is an example of an amazing career. Tatiana Grakovich came into this sphere cashier pay toilets. At one point, it became clear that she was the only employee who understands the cash registers. And its time to do a director. But nothing can be more permanent than temporary.

In contrast to the mostly silent vacuum trucks, Tatiana happy to talk about the details of the toilet case. Warns: "d *** ma sometimes happens with polstenki in the toilet ..." Fortunately, we arrived in a relatively clean place.
Gloves and plastic instead of toilet paper
The team is working smoothly: one spins the hose, the other puts it inside. Maintain the edge of the toilet you need all the time, until the pump to pump out the liquid. Surprisingly, a few meters away it seemed that we do anything, but not cleaning the toilet. No smell and other surprises. Literally 10 minutes - and the trick is done (in the barrel). Pavel patiently twisting the hose and complains of visitors booth. Says that part of the hose is clogged garbage that people mindlessly thrown into the tank. Tatiana Grakovich explains:
 - Some of us do not use toilet paper. This popular style is - it is a "sin" ... They prefer to use gloves, foam, anything and everything is thrown into the tank. Besides, throw bottles, stones, bottles of hawthorn. The fact that there are some objects near the pharmacy, people go to the toilet, drink and "cover their tracks." Of valuables find only phones, but they are, of course, already outside - laughing woman.
To clean the hose, it is necessary to "blow", that is inserted into another hole in the barrel. This, according to Pavel Vasilyevich, dirty work, but he "has somehow anyway." He retired, and asked him to earn a daughter - the same Tatiana Grakovich. Prior to this man worked all his life driver.

Vacuum trucks, too, is a fun
Oh, someone exactly what we did not expect to meet in the face of vacuum trucks, so it's a young guy. Sergei did study in Belarusian National Technical University on a specialty "machine technology foundry." But with learning why something did not happen. As he explains, "the daily wasting your time."

 - And here you do not lose time?
 - Here - as when, even fun happens.
Under understood summer fun corporate events, which serves the company. Evacuate the toilets - and boldly joined those who celebrate. Though some diversity.
About things like "shame" or "undervalued", the guy is not worried. According to Sergei, about the same time he did not even care. Dropped out and asked his mother (Director Tatiana Grakovich), is it possible to get to her company driver. First moonlighting in a car, and then substituted for workers in assenizatorskaya. And involved. Friends are fine, girls no plans to change jobs, too, are not yet available.

"Come with Article or until the first payday»
Tatiana says that recruited the son and the father of despair. Find a person for this job, she said, very hard.
 - Many people want a big salary, thinking that here knows that. In fact, a person is not fully loaded all day (sometimes, loaded, and sometimes - not). And for a regular salary (4.5 million) all think, well, it, with these feces work! Believe that it is prohibitively terrible as this is not to encounter. Come article or until the first payday. This is actually a lot of fun if this is normal attitude.
As for the "assenizatorskaya career" son, here the answer is simple: "I do not want to learn - let it work." In addition to the drivers of all experience require. Mother not opposed to Sergei got it here.

"Our car even tried to hijack»
Toilet ends servicing that special fill liquid inside the tank. It breaks down and destroys the contents of the smell. By the way, works magic mixture of not more than 10 days. If the "smell" it's time to call the fire ladder. We are going to sink. And parallel to argue about the allowances for harm.
 - How the market average pay for such work?
 - From 8 to 10 million promise. But this depends on the generation. If enough requests, of course, they do not get that kind of money. In the summer we have a good load, vacuum trucks travel every day, then there are also premium. And in the winter because the frozen booths sometimes have downtime.
In the car contents, by the way, can also be frozen. Therefore, in the extreme cold in the sink have to travel almost every 2-3 booths, so as not to be left in the tank nary wealth. It seriously because once coveted! Pavel still remembers this event with a smile.
 - Two drunken Shurika came at 4 am, opened the door and wanted to have, but could not. Then they said that they were cold, they wanted to keep warm inside and drink beer.
Toilet Jacuzzi
Interestingly, in the car smell is not felt. According to the director, we still really have not seen the dirty work! When the end of the rental period is suitable, toilet cubicles should be washed. And wash them more often than students. For a small fee.
And now, being in the full assurance that fire ladder - not so unpleasant profession, we get to the sink. We were immediately warned to move away. At any moment can happen unpleasant story.

"Mistress" territory, a pensioner Tatyana Karabanyuk confides:
 - You want to know what happens? Shurnulo with all barrels g *** yet! But with this hose! Fountain up, he is under pressure. I only just escaped. These hoses are not jokes!
Tatiana said that already used to everything. And at first, when satisfied, week came home and cried. But in her character - not to retreat even before the strong stench.
 - It's good that I washed the area, the area is clean. And sometimes something will result ... The smell is worth!

When money does not smell
Colleagues, flusher Valera (from another private firm), finishes merging its good. He laughs, says that all was! And it somehow completely flooded faeces. Shook himself - and went on to the base wash. Rolling up his sleeves, he has been working for more than two years. Before this was just the driver, and then offered a good salary - from 9 million. He says that until satisfied, and the future does not want to think. Wife believes that "money does not smell." Friends also seems to be understood, at least in the eyes of his "fi" does not express.
 - And the smell is?
 - Of course there is. But I do not feel. Just finished - just wash. In general, the most difficult thing we have - it's the weather. Constantly wet feet, cold, snow, cold, dirt ...
And even during such confessions Valera does not cease to smile. "Splashed from head to toe d *** IOM, Is not it funny?" Jokes are thrown toilet Goldsmiths and nominated for a new portion of waste. And we were worried for nothing: in the shooting no smell. Or maybe just used?

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