Loon - Seabirds, like a small duck with black and white dots and red eyes.
English name of loons - loons (from loony - crazy) was given to them presumably due to their voices, like a singing style yodel crying.
Loon is the official bird of the US state of Minnesota.
These birds sharp beak, which they kill their prey.
On solid ground loons move slowly and awkwardly, in the water, they are able to swim fast and excellent dive.
Unlike most birds, whose bones are hollow inside, bone loons whole.
Loons can fly at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.
On the Canadian one dollar coin depicts the loon, which is why this coin is called «loonie».
Loon in England called «diver» or a diver because is able to dive to a depth of 80 meters and be without air up to 5 minutes in search of food.


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