Money, Money, My Mind On My

The famous Al Capone was imprisoned not for murder and other serious crimes (there was no evidence), and for tax evasion.
The vast majority of bank robberies criminals prey is less than $ 5,000.
When Peter the Great in Russia operated a tax on beards.
The first was written by insurance in the territory of the American colonies in 1721.
In December 1987, the well-known work of NASDAQ was completely stopped due to the fact that the protein gnawed telephone line.
During the Great Depression, went bankrupt 44% of US banks.
The first income tax was introduced in China 10 AD, and was 10% of the earnings of a skilled craftsman.
In 1864, the largest income tax of 3 percent.
In the 18th century in England could hedge against falling into hell.
US tax authorities (IRS) annually processes documents 2 billion sheets of paper.
The greatest likelihood of robbery - from 9 am to 10 am on Friday, the lowest - on Wednesday from 15 to 18 hours.


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