The most venomous fish - Synanceiidae, which is found in the Pacific Ocean near Australia. Her body has 13 poisonous thorns prick one deadly to humans
Fish exist on Earth for over 400 million years
Mackerel and tuna die if it stops moving
Deep-sea fish during the ascent to the surface often explode due to a sharp decrease in ambient pressure
In seahorses no scales
Glowing anchovy produces enough light to read a book. However, the water is very hard ...
Bluefin tuna can grow up to 450 pounds of weight
Electric eel can produce current voltage up to 650 volts
Flying fish is able to swim and fly by jumping out of the water at speeds up to 65 kilometers per hour
The only creature that is able to see infrared and ultraviolet radiation - goldfish, and in fact, common carp
40% of all fish species live in fresh water
Some species of catfish in the mouth can be up to 100,000 taste buds. The man is ten times less
Fish are able to yawn
Scientists believe that waiting to be discovered before the 15 thousand species of fish
Eye giant squid the size of a plate


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