Information Age

In a world still sold every year more than 10 million LPs
In the US, 330 million TV sets (2008), China has more than 500 million (2003)
In 2007, the number of audio CDs sold equal to the number of sold-friendly CD
The length of the "track» DVD-ROM is 12 kilometers
In 1889 was created the prototype of the modern jukebox - Nickel-in-the-Box, which for six months a profit of $ 1,000
Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the official radio (though in fact it was Popov) opened the first radio station in England in 1897
Nowadays, the vast majority of vinyl records are made from recycled material
Betamax VCR era lasted from 1975 to 2002
The first prototype of a fax machine appeared in 1843, ie before the first phone
Radio waves from the first radio 30s of the last century has already been removed from the earth at a great distance, "visited" on 100,000 stars
The company Western Union telegrams invented voiced
The fastest computer in the world - IBM Roadrunner, capable of producing more than a trillion calculations per second (more than 18,000 processors and more than 100 terabytes of RAM)


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