Undersea world

Mudskipper - the special fish that can live not only in water but also on land, periodically updating the air supply in special bags for the cheeks. Moreover, they are able to "walk" on their fins!
Bottlenose dolphins before reaching the age of one month does not sleep. After that, even in a state of sleep, they opened one eye
Language blue whale weighs as much as an adult brown bear
Sea otters often gather together for recreation, seaweed wrapping, so as not to be separated in a dream
Man kills 73 million sharks each year.
His mouth marine snails is up to 25 thousand microscopic teeth
Dolphins are able to recognize themselves in the mirror
The Gulf of Mexico is found at least 34 species of sharks
Killer whales are found in all oceans of the world
In 1941, in the stomach of one of the sharks caught found 3 zones, 9 shoes, socks 14 and 43 buttons ...


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