UNDERWATER Amsterdam metro

Everyone knows that the water hard to hold your breath if you are of course not specifically engaged in diving. However, the design duo Million Dollar Design Amsterdam dared to paint the old subway cars using underwater scenes. The duo, upgrade cars, was chosen after a competition conducted by the Amsterdam public transport company. As a result, designers Anneloes van den Bergh and Pauline Teunissen created a fabulous underwater world inside the car, adding a little dark accents. The result was a romantic song with brutal strokes. When you're in a car, there is a sense of infinity, I want to swim, and you feel as if the world was colored fantasies, but still going in the subway. Along the walls of swimming mermaid, octopus, fish and turtles. And every part of the car their dominant color: green refers to the deep-sea world and purple symbolizes the closeness to the water surface with small fish and glimpses of sunbeams.

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