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Say, an example is contagious. Some argue that bad. Others - that in principle any example. The main thing that it was clear and understandable.
Self-respecting European cities (and the capital, and not only) make hiking historic sites. And who has long made it. Take care of the cultural heritage.
But then - the West. There to this case are somewhat different.
But on the same path finally decided to follow our north-eastern neighbors and remove from the historical center of Moscow cars. Leave, of course, the ability to access special vehicles ambulance, fire and police, but that's as usual. Inevitable exceptions.
But everything else - in FIG. And until the end of 2013 to organize in the Russian capital fifty pedestrian zones with a total length up to sixty kilometers. Walk, walk, enjoy.
I'm thinking. Kiev is very much borrowed from Moscow. Sometimes not very necessary undertaking. But this is very much like that was done for us. Just to cry. And in terms of preserving cultural heritage, which its last breath. And maybe even then will relieve the historic center of pontovo-office buildings and even organize by itself is really downtown, not combining it with the story.
Just really want. Because the city is really beautiful. Even the fact that from him at the moment left. There is still that save. And that in fact is less


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