Ksenia Sobchak was poisoned on the island

Exotic earnings for Panama, where Channel One filmed the project "The Last Hero" turned to his leading Ksenia Sobchak big trouble, and new sensations.

As told fellow socialite in misfortune, after the adoption of anti-TB pills Ksjushu ... sick for two days.

Despite the fact that the rights of Xenia A. leading "heroes" lived in a five star hotel, but not where it is necessary, as the rest of the project, some of the requirements of the organizers it had to do with them. Taking it in Moscow all the necessary vaccinations, on the zero meridian Sobchak was the fait accompli: Now we must also drink a course of special tablets against tuberculosis. Administrators explained it this way: a safe area is over and from a certain date must be taken lion portions antibiotics, not to pick up an infection.

 - We are stuffed with different antibiotics - shares with LIFE.RU Nikita Dzhigurda. - And said that we can get TB, but because of the acid rain may be the consequences.

In "The Last Hero" - its irony: the producers want to protect participants in the project, but in fact quite the opposite happened. Instead inside out and how it became known LIFE.RU, in extreme circumstances Ksenia Sobchak appeared side effects. Leading the bravest TV show poisoned tuberculosis antibiotics.

 - We are sick, dizzy and participants, and lead, and the operators - admitted Nikita Dzhigurda LIFE.RU. - Here's to that we really were not ready. There's one that was here at some longer dizzy, and Sobchak, for example, was sick. While Ksenia A., producers and directors of the project lived in a luxurious five-star hotels, acid rain and the possibility of contracting malaria it was all.

Leila Muhamedzyanova, life.ru


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