A new ice age. Gulf Stream no longer exists

According to the latest satellite data, the Gulf Stream no longer exists. The whole system of ocean currents in the North Atlantic is a key element of the thermal regulation of the planet, allowing Ireland and England to be free of ice, and the Nordic countries do not be too cold.
This is something that protected the world from a new ice age - the thermohaline circulation system - currently in a number of places and died dies at other sites.
Gulf Stream - a "river" of warm water that moved across the Atlantic, reached Murmansk and warms Europe with its warmth while protecting it from the polar winds.

In Germany two months in a row (during November and December 2010) is still a steady snow cover thickness of about 10 cm, which has not been for many decades, and are unusual for these places frosts at night, reaching as low as minus 20 ° C. Typical of early winter thaw this year was not.

Italian physicists during the experiment used a bath with cold water and warm color-imparting jets of water. You could see the boundaries of the layers of cold and warm jets when to add oil in a bath of warm water layer boundaries violated and the current whirlwind was effectively destroyed. This is what is happening now in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Stream. River "warm water" that flows from the Caribbean does not reach Western Europe, it dies because koreksita - a chemical that the Obama administration has allowed the concern of British Petroleum (BP) used to hide the scale of the disaster in the blast drilling platform in April last year.

About 2 million gallons koreksita and several million gallons of other dispersants added to more than 200 million gallons of crude oil, which was poured in a few months out of the hole drilled in the bottom of BP Gulf. So was able to effectively hide most of the oil, lowering her to the bottom, and hope that BP will be able to concern seriously reduce the size of the federal penalty, depending on the size of the oil katastrofy.V currently no effective way to "cleanse" the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, the oil reached the east coast of America and then flowed into the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, and there is also no way to effectively clean the oil from the bottom of ...

First reported about stopping the Gulf Stream Dr. Gianluigi Zangari (Zangari), a theoretical physicist at the Institute in Frascati, Italy. Scientists have several years working with a group of specialists involved in monitoring what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. His information is contained in a magazine article dated 12 June 2010 and is based on satellite data CCAR Colorado, agreed with the NOAA, US Navy. These operational data satellite maps later on the server CCAR has been altered, and scientists say that it was a "falsification".

He returned to the NOAA data to the US Navy and later data, and said in early August that the CCAR data are unreliable, and its conclusions have not changed in quality or quantity of serious consequences. He believes that the glaciation "in the near future is inevitable because of this disaster."

Dr. Zangari argues that a huge amount of oil is constantly expanding in scope, covers such a huge area, it has a serious impact on the entire system of thermoregulation of the planet by destroying the boundary layers of the warm water flow. Pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico has ceased to exist in the fall, the latest satellite data clearly show that the Gulf Stream no, it begins to break apart and die about 250 kilometers east of the coast of North Carolina, despite the fact that the width of the Atlantic Ocean at this latitude is greater than 5000 km.

Due to the interest that caused the theme of "disappearance" of the Gulf Stream on the Internet, the Russian scientist, Professor, author of two books and 130 publications in the field of physics, acoustics, geophysics, mathematics, physical chemistry, economics, as well as well-known blogger Sergey Leonidovich Lopatnikov wrote Learn to my blog article, give it in its original form.

"On the Gulf Stream and the winter weather Thermohaline vascular system, where the warm water flow through the cooler, has a great influence not only on the ocean, but also in the upper layers of the atmosphere up to seven miles. The absence of the Gulf Stream in the eastern North Atlantic violated the normal course of atmospheric flows in the summer of this year, resulting in an incredibly high temperatures in Moscow, there were droughts and floods in Central Europe, fever in many Asian countries, there were massive floods in China, Pakistan and other Asian countries. »

So what does all this mean? This means that in the future will be forced mixing seasons, frequent crop failures and increase the size of droughts and floods in different parts of the Earth. (Sound familiar to 2012- early 2013 is not it ?! Let me remind you that the article of 03 January 2011) Creating a concern BP «oil volcano" at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico killed pacemaker global climate on the planet. Here is what Dr. Zangari:
 - I know, and the history of our atmosphere and climate, and even then, as they were when a person has ever had. For example, hundreds of millions of years ago temperature compared with the current was 12-14 degrees higher. Of course there is, and what a man accuse ... Over the past fifty years, the industry has worked very hard, throwing huge amounts of greenhouse gases, which will definitely affect climate. That is the anthropogenic contribution definitely there. But the climate - very subtle phenomenon. In addition to high temperatures on Earth and there were glaciers. And they arise from the concentration of greenhouse gases below two hundred parts per million. Then there is the so-called white land. So, now we have this "black earth" is closer than the hottest anomalies that have been in the history of our planet.
Everything that happened to lead to the corresponding consequences for human civilization to ecological collapse, global famine, death and mass migration from areas unfit for human habitation ... The new ice age may begin at any time (and the spring because there is still no at the moment, despite the fact that April in the yard (04/02/2013)), it starts from the glacier in North America, Europe and Asia, perhaps even this winter. New Ice Age can kill 2/3 of the human race in the first year in the case of rapid onset; if all will be slow, most likely kill close to this amount, but just for a few years!

So, what we have at the entrance? The huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and now - and in the Atlantic. Two things can be stated boldly a) the presence of water on the surface of the oil film, b) the presence of inclusions of oil in the water column. It affects the most finest oil film on the surface?

1) changing the evaporation of moisture and heat the water surface and the atmosphere (it is obvious that evaporates less, and evaporation of the liquid warmer than normal.)

2) changes the dynamics of heating and cooling water mass entrained formed in the Atlantic currents (including - in the Gulf of Mexico and near it)

During gets warmer water. In fractions of a degree, but this is important. What we have at the exit? Westerly winds prevailing in the center of the Atlantic bring to Southern Europe warmer and more humid air than before. So-called hot cup of plain territory of the Russian Federation in the summer, he could not break through and dropped the moisture in the upper reaches of European rivers (in the mountains)

More importantly, because it is "submerged" by the binding himpreparatov hundreds of meters into the lens of the heavier oil fractions. These inclusions prevent convection heat transfer between the benthic and surface water layers. However, their "imbedded okay." Without mapping. And shot these "lenses" in the fall, and their impact will be much longer. As a result, the annular flow in the Gulf of Mexico has stopped. And now the world is oschutschaet. Due to this change in viscosity occurred saturated water oil emulsion to greater depths due to the oil discharge machining binders "Corex", it will also lead to darkening of color of the water, and its more significant absorption of sunlight to a corresponding increase in its temperature.

Dr. Zangari concerned that if in the near future there will be the launch of the Ring currents in the Gulf of Mexico, it can have global consequences that will entail significant changes in the weather, which resulted in the widespread droughts, floods, crop failure, and subsequent lack of power global scale.

As noted by Dr. Zangari, "the real concern is the fact that there is no precedent in the history of sudden complete replacement of the natural system broken system created by man." And the worst thing - the data received from the satellites in real time, are for Zangari clear evidence that the Gulf of Mexico, a new artificially created natural system. In this new system and unnatural radically changed parameters such as viscosity, temperature and salinity of sea water. That stopped lasted millions of years running Ring currents in the Gulf of Mexico.

But the following message expressed by Dr. Zangari with mathematical precision and illustrated the dynamics of satellite images, it is better to read several times:

"Today, data measuring the temperature of the Gulf Stream between 76 and 47 meridians show that it is 10 degrees Celsius colder than it was in the same period last year. Accordingly, we can say there is a direct causal relationship between stopping Ring warm currents in the Gulf of Mexico and a drop in temperature of the Gulf Stream. »

Add to the opinion of the Italian scientist opinion of other researchers, that this "hell of a cocktail of oil and koreksita" capable of destroying all life in the Atlantic, thanks to BP and Barack Obama! Until now was the global economic crisis. If you change the climate, it will be the world systemic crisis.


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