"Phantom" - "Siskin and Co"

The song about the Vietnam War 1957-75 biennium. Written no later than 1970. Based on false rumors about participation in the war Soviet pilots. Soviet Union provided North Vietnam military assistance since 1965, but directly in hostilities with the Soviet side was represented by only calculations anti-aircraft missiles.
The song was included on the album Yegor Letov "Let It Bee" (1989) and the album "Siskin & Co» «erogenous zone" (1996).

The author and the time of appearance of the songs are not known, it is possible that it originated directly during the Vietnam War.
The pilot of the fighter-bomber F-4 "Phantom II» (after the Vietnam War in the USSR any American military aircraft named "Phantom") makes a sortie from the territory of Thailand against targets in North Vietnam - talking about it the words "My path is difficult and far, my "Phantom" rushing to the East "and the presence of enemy aircraft.

Over to "Phantom" North Vietnamese fighters shot down in a dogfight. Pilot catapulted and immediately after landing captured. During the interrogation, he was asked who he was hit, and receives from the Vietnamese response: "perverted thee our pilot Li Xi Qing ... & quot; (From "Lisitsyn"). What American retorts that heard on the radio conversation between the Russian pilots Vanya and Coley, from which it concludes - "Russian ace Ivan knocked me."

Thus, the fact of real participation Soviet Air Force in the Korean War is mixed with common, but do not have actual confirmation hearing on the participation of Soviet pilots in aerial combat in Vietnam. Here is one of those tales ...
"Find the normal Vietnam - problem. They are small, a dead, do not keep overloading. Our guys kept up to 10g fine, but these five have already lost consciousness. They were fed by force, under the tribunal gave, if someone posited meat ration will not eat, simulators their cool - all to no avail. Lose consciousness and that's it.

American pilots quickly realized that the entire Vietnamese air force divided by Russian pilots and Vietnam. Shoot down Vietnam - it honorable, profitable (money paid good), and most importantly - safe. With Russian fared much worse. They waddle like suddenly - on the sunny side of the cloud, like beat for sure, but it will make the missile maneuver krutanet figure overload awesome, and already on your tail. Americans quickly found out how to distinguish a Russian from Vietnam.

There is a fight, as a rule - it's very fleeting. "Phantom" in the wake of the "MiG". "MiG" makes maneuver overload increases, five, six - hop! wings trembled for a moment, barely noticeable - all clear, Vietnam. You can not be afraid. But if 8g "MiG" also performs confidently maneuver and there - definitely not Vietnam, and Russian, and hell knows how it ends.

Therefore, the Americans openly aired and with the phrase "Vanya! I quit! "Came out of the fight. Vietnamese flies over Hanoi, and here - "phantoms & quot ;. He presses a button, shoot - by, again - again by. In general, nowhere to go, squeezed Americans. Then he presses the red button, and then him on the shoulder, someone slaps: "Come on, bro, Move». & Quot;

To your attention, in my opinion - the most successful video version to this song. Technically, the historical parties - a lot wrong, but the essence of the song - "our pilot Lee Si Cin" - captured accurately ...

P.S. In the photo, of course, not only the "Phantoms" - also shows the planes of the US Army, faced with our military equipment.


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