Almost perfect job

Here's what you have requirements for an ideal job? To like it - this is understandable. Easy, effortless. Also, perhaps we can agree. Payment is by itself worthy. Oh yes prospect.
One of the hotels in the capital of Finland offers an almost perfect job. Professionals who want to hire a severe Finns will have to sleep. Sleep every day in different rooms. And describe their feelings. I do not know what shades and nuances will be able to choose the winner for each room by the end of, for example, a month, but will have to work hard. I hardly think employers want a report like this: "The seventeenth of April. Sensations similar to the eighth, eleventh and fifteenth. Woke up in time, as the tenth. " But this is a mere trifle beside the opportunity to spend thirty-five days (just such term contract is signed) in a comfortable environment, instead of providing written reports about dreams. Eligible Applicants also quite burdensome - youth, knowledge of Finnish, English and preferably Russian.
The only drawback - the lack of growth prospects. Although, you never know. And what would be the best Finnish initiative and the person will be invaluable experience of the first specialist in sleep. Suddenly other hotels also wish to hold similar events. Announced a competition. Preference - with experience of this kind. And here is the finished spec available.


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