In Tyumen from the usual gray building classroom bookshelf made.
Art group "Color City" painted the house in the yard at the Minsk gymnasium №5.

Here is what the project Dmitry Zelenin of "Colors of the city».

Two years I took my children to a prestigious school. Two years in a row I vomited eyes wild inconsistency of the inner world and the outer court gymnasium content. Gray naked ass to the students was terrible strange building. September 1, graduation, all other holidays line were against this.

By the beginning of the third academic year already knew exactly what I want and how to do it. Books - the first thing that came to mind, looking at the wall. No other options of being a "European" street art was not good. The phenomenon itself, as such, is seen as a clear benefit for the city. Another question - the modern "fashion" content of European street art. It is not suitable to us now.

The book - a symbol. The book - a message. Lettering on the spine can not all be from the bulldozer. They must bear the thought. First - Tyumen - my property. Your city, love it, remember it. On a larger scale mesedzh I would stuck for a long time, but saw a friend in FB Covers - Nikolai Gogol. "You have to love Russia." Better not say.

Lowering the complexity of internal consistency and graters with parents, say the main thing - if you have a good idea for her always find the right team.

Sergei Shapoval, Lena Kurash, Dima Danilov and Boris Forgetful. Tyumen artists who to this day have never written such a scale (200 square meters), never before collected scaffolding and never worked at an altitude of 7, 5 meters. Everything was utilized in the process.

A similar art object for many years now in Kansas City, USA.
24 eight-meter books adorn the facade of City Public Library.


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