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Callimachus, the librarian of Alexandria, once said: The Big Book of great evil. Today, the editors do not even look at the book by an unknown author smaller than a novel. Rather, the idea is that the thin book should be light in every sense. Here are 10 books that prove that it is not.

All Quiet on the Western Front, EM Remarque.

This is the story of a lost generation of young people who went to the front during the First World War. The hero of the book tells the story of Paul Bäumer people cut off from the quiet life, and those who waited their homes. Before the war, these boys admired the patriotism, as well as the epic poems of Homer. When the war came Bäumer all comrades were killed, and he realizes that he no longer cares about the future.

Sorrows of Young Werther, IV Goethe.

This book has raised a wave of suicide after the first publication. The novel itself is told in letters between the temperamental young man Werther and his calmer friend. Werther romantic nature, with a love of art and poetry, although his father forces him to learn a profession. Werther falls in love with Lotte, despite the fact that she was engaged. This love absorbs the main character, and when the bride, and then the husband Lotte, Albert orders to leave them alone, Werther commits suicide. Dressed in the same suit in which he was when he first met Lotte, Werther shot himself. Goethe himself did not like when it was compared with Werther. But later he admitted that it would be wrong for once in my life to feel what felt the character of his book.

The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway

This book gave Hemingway the Pulitzer and the Nobel Prize. Not bad for a book of 110 pages! It tells the story of a Cuban fisherman Santiago, who did not catch the 84 days. Therefore, his assistant, was forced to look for another job. At 85y day a fisherman took the boat to another place and threw the bait in deep water. When pecked a giant marlin, he struck up a fight between an old man and fish. Hemingway denies an obvious symbolism of his work, providing the reader to find meaning in the product.

Animal Farm, George Orwell.

Called by the Orwellian tale, Animal Farm is an allegory of the totalitarian regimes of the 1930s. In the hundreds of pages of Orwell draws a revolution on the farm where the animals displace their hosts, and the disappearance of utopia. Mindless sheep, reaching every dictator, pigs, everywhere looking for their own benefit, smart ass, who sees what is happening around, but nothing is done, as well as a hard worker-horse, blindly believing in the administration. All this is very reminiscent of human errors

Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde.

This book tells the story of Dorian Gray, a wealthy young man. When Gray angelic face is imprinted on the picture, he thinks of that grew old picture, but he remained forever young. His wish comes true. Unable to look at the portrait, gray locks him in the attic. Then he tries to atone for their sins, but it's too late. In the end, he kills his only friend and smashes a picture and a desire that turned into a curse. If the book and contradicted the Victorian morality, it is worth reading.

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

The Little Prince is one of those children's books, in fact, is a book for all ages. Deceptively simple in structure, this book tells the story of Prince, ruling on an asteroid, and his adventures. Adults who he meets, the rules on their own, and asteroids are comic masterpieces. How, for example, the king, the rat who wants to be sentenced to death. Some readers find the end of the book is somewhat difficult for the children, and some consider it difficult for adults.

A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess.

Perhaps the most notorious book on this list, written Berzhdessom three weeks to earn quick money. Later, the author would have never even begin the book by saying that it was not understood. The story about a gang of violent teenagers. The book does not hide the details, and the narrator, Alex, speaks about it calmly. And the last chapter of the book changes the meaning of the story. The book is worth reading, especially if you like the films of Stanley Kubrick.

Outsider, Albert Camus.

It is the work of another Nobel laureate, but a different kind than the rough works of Hemingway. Stranger tells the story of the men of Mercia, whose mother recently died. At her funeral, he shows no emotion. Then he helps a friend in the place of his supposed unfaithful girlfriend. Meursault plot twists lead to the murder of a man for no apparent reason. The indifference of the protagonist and his atheism leads all into a rage, and he is sentenced to death. Pending execution Meursault thinks of the cold universe, but finds comfort in the soft indifference of the world. This is a deeply philosophical work.

Candide, Voltaire.

Candid young man, brought up under the influence of his teacher Pangloss, who says that it is the most beautiful of all worlds, and all that is done, all the better. The book tries to test this theory by exposing the protagonists most serious troubles. Each page describes the horrors. Even after the earthquake, attempts hangings, beatings, poverty and syphilis, Pangloss remains faithful to his optimism. Candide, however, had learned the lesson that it is not the best of all possible worlds, but as it is for us only need to come to terms.

Night, Elie Wiesel.

This book is a story that has gone through Eli, when he was still a boy, in the Holocaust. Eliezer, the incarnation of the author in the book, studious young Jew who wants to learn everything you can about the Kabbalah. Unfortunately, the Second World War came, and the Hungarian government was forced to tighten measures against the Jews. The book tells how Eliezer loses his mother and sister in concentration camps. He hates his father, when he was asked to take care of it. A devout boy realizes he can no longer believe in a God who would allow all this to happen. However, Eliezer survives in a concentration camp, and must now come to terms with what has happened in his life after the Holocaust.



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