The addition to the canine menu

We love to pamper their smaller brothers (of course, those who have them uneven breathing). Houses, clothes, food, drink for them, loved. No, this is understandable. The desire to take care of someone very welcome. Especially what there return - the most sincere. And meet you. And vylizhut. And potrut affectionately. And do not care in what you mood. They are. Everyone feels. Something adopt, and we become more and more similar to each other. In some ways mimic.
For especially large fans to imitate even beer for dogs began to produce. Why is this drink called them a beer, I can not say, because, judging by the composition, there are only the malt backbone yes supplements like ginger and honey can bring on such a thought. The rest - a vegetable broth, vitamin powders and other heresy - the traditional relationship barley drink like they do not have. But you can now with his pupil is almost at the same table pohlebat. For the greater, so to speak, of unity. Called the gamma-juice «Dawg Grog» and worth six dollars a bottle. Shes so in principle. I've got the idea to try. Not that very much, just curious (as Travolta's character milkshake in "Pulp Fiction"). No, well, in fact. Six American dollars. For a bottle of liquor. For dogs. Interesting fact.
Most importantly - the kid (or puppy) not develop.


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