Snowboards, kayaks, and Noah's Ark

He looked for fresh topics. Admin wrote about the coming flood. I would say differently. Already a couple of days revolves, but did not want to play in the horror stories. But. I think it will not flood.
Let's count. Official data. During snow fell fifty centimeters of rain (at least here I do not know how to recalculate the Wikipedia, but they believe that dropped 50mm. Well, pretend that the city was no more snow, but it was only one day. Next. Kiev area about 850 km2. Figure with him, discard half the Dnieper River, the surrounding area (where livnevok not). Even rounded down. Up to 400 km2. On the territory of Kiev fell to 20 million cubic meters of snow. (400 * 0, 05) just a few days from harvest, according to various estimates, exported 70 to 80 thousand tons. Fuck it, let it be 100 thousand. Something even slightly melted - let it be 200 thousand.
The density of snow is approximately equal to the density of water. (We will not waste time on trifles). Total: It's - 20 million, took - 200 thousand. Lord, if I have not forgotten all the arithmetic, it is 1%. Not one-tenth of the whole. A one percent. That is - the bulk, overwhelming, stay in the city.
Again after official data - it was a monthly norm. She remained in the city. From Friday to give a forecast warming. I pray to God that it was not too sharp. Snowfall more than half a day - this is an emergency. Rainfall during the week - it potop.o With all the ensuing consequences. Why take a week? So far - based on the weather forecast.
Prepare and store boats grubs. Who wants to build for himself - drawing attached.
PS. To be more precise, the total dropped 2 days 60mm, 15mm remained in the city and the area, which will go drain - about 550 km2. Consider.
PPS. It seems that Popov had already begun to translate стрелки.
PPS.A's floated seems -goloseevskij-rajon-kieva-zatopilo-taloj-vodoj


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