And again the aggression caused by video games

Aggression awaken not cruel and competitive video game.
This is the conclusion after two strange experiments came Paul Adachi of Brock University (Canada), awarded with the publication in the journal Psychology of Violence, which publishes the American Psychological Association.

During the first test, 42 students (25 boys and 17 girls) for 12 minutes and played Conan FUEL. First - rubilovo with blood and seems guts. The second - the race. Both fun received the same ratings in terms of competitiveness, complexity and speed with which things are going, but the violence, you know, in the first game splatters in all directions, and the second is not.

At the end of the game volunteers were asked to prepare a certain dish for fastidious taster by selecting one of the four varieties of sauce. Organizers drew students' attention to the fact that the taster (of course, the mythical) does not like spicy food. Nevertheless, many chose the hot sauce no matter what game you play.

The experimenter then attracted 60 students (32 male and 28 female). Play next. Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe - «funny arcade fight" (according to the publisher, and fans) and "the apotheosis of senseless brutality and spirit of competition" (if you believe all the rest). Left 4 Dead 2 - shooting zombies in obscene amounts with frightening levels of graphics realism (the game is cruel, but moderately Competitive). Marble Blast Ultra - nezhestokaya and Non-competitive puzzle game in which we must hold the ball through the maze as quickly as possible. And yet all the same FUEL.

Then the students just invited into the kitchen. Play in the FUEL and Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe frequently used hot sauce than others. Furthermore, the pulse after the games have been significantly higher than the counterparts.


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