For the curious, about the origins of the disease

At first glance, it sounds a good word with a slight bluish accent, like a sommelier studio, Olivier Depardieu ... However, the inhumanity of the pandemic, especially from the 24th to the 14th number rolls. For the curious, about the origins of the disease, we have an article.

Children and zveryata, do not despair, the world has successfully mastered the methods of dealing with this "smallpox." If a deep look into the medication, different pairs of people, sometimes bipolar geographically and politically, have mastered very similar tools.


1. Russia and Japan - the brine and umeboshi.
Brine every dog ​​knows, but umeboshi - it's just spicy pickled plums, which looks like a small salted tomatoes.

2. Ancient Rome and France - snails and oysters.
Only in the morning to move the Romans crushed snails and they rubbed his forehead, the current French simply swallow a dozen oysters. Although in both cases the body break a lot of vitamins B1 and B2, not to mention the A and C, but one thing buccal, another matter orally.

3. Mongolia and the United States - the eyes and tomato.
Mongolian suit recipe lovers of thrills, "Put pickled sheep eyes into a glass and pour the tomato juice. Drink in one gulp. " The thought of looking at you from the glass eye of a ram can instantly sober.
United States - tomato juice with egg yolk. Americans are not as harsh as the Mongols, instead of eyes they use raw egg yolk, tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce further added, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper - as in the classic cocktail "Bloody Mary».

4. Britain and Ukraine - the bacon and lard.
The British are simple, like a sandwich with bacon and ketchup. But on the whole complex schschah Ukraine - a soup with bacon. Fat contains a lot of amino acids, and the bread and tomato provide the body with essential carbohydrates weakened.

5. Germany and Norway - rolpoms and cream.
German rollmops - herring rolls filled with pickled vegetables, the perfect remedy for a hangover, the second of the name "breakfast after drinking." The Norwegian way to deal with a hangover - just drink a large cup of heavy cream. The combination of German Norwegian method is most effective and recommended the best gardeners.

6. However, the majority of the peoples of the world to combat a hangover, do not think of anything more intelligent than fatty and spicy meat soup. Hush, Zurek, soup, soup, fish soup, halophyte, onion soup, Souza, Lagman ...


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