The Americans counted 686 multimillionaires in Russia, FTS - 416

Russia ranked fourth in the world in the number of multi - analysts estimate Boston Consulting Group. In Russia, they found 686 households that manage assets in excess of $ 100 million. In the first place in the ranking is the United States with an index of households in 2989, the second - the United Kingdom with 1125 households. In third place, as in last year's rating, remained Germany (807 households), and the fifth place went to China (648 households). Russia also holds a leading position in terms of growth of the club of multimillionaires - their number in the country has increased over the year by 13 percent. For comparison, the overall number of multimillionaires in the world has grown by only 3, 6 per cent. The report presented not only the rating of multimillionaires, but ordinary millionaires. Russia on this list were not even in the top 15, and the first place is the United States with an index of 5, 1 million millionaires. In second place was Japan (1, 5 million), the third China (1, 4 million). According to Forbes magazine in March 2012, first place in the list of the richest people in Russia takes Alisher Usmanov with the state more than $ 18 billion. In second place was Vladimir Lisin (15, 9 billion). It is noteworthy that BSG found a third of billionaires unknown Russian tax authorities.


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