Engineers presented moving like a man, robot Roboy

For the first time scientists have been able to invent a humanoid robot called Roboy, who with the help of artificial muscle moves almost like a living person.
Engineers from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich have outdone themselves and have created a robot in just nine months, specifically so he can help those who need it.

Swiss experts (working on the development of a total of 40 engineers and 15 organizations) have worked since June 2012 hard to create a robot that can help the sick and the elderly to maintain their independence, fulfilling all of their daily tasks.

This results in a unique 1, 2-meter humanoid robot Roboy, which has an artificial muscles, tendons, making it fast and smooth moves, if alive, and even soft skin (although the latter is only on the head).

Engineers are going to officially present the latest technology created Roboy recently, in March at an exhibition of robots «Robots on Tour», which will be held this month in Zurich.

Meanwhile, the laboratory continues to attract financial support for the creation of innovative robot and even offers to place the logo of any company or firm on it for 55 thousand dollars.

Once the financial issues will be resolved, the robot can even Roboy go into mass production with specially designed tricycle.


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