Rice terraces in the Philippines

Philippine rice terraces are called "the 8th wonder of the world"! First, they started about 3000 years ago by some tribe "Ifugao". Secondly, it's so big and beautiful, just give way feet!

These rice fields created in the form of terraces, they are located near the town of Banaue, on the island of Luzon (Philippines, 250 km from the capital). Living in the area 3,000 years people engaged in agriculture, gradually transforming the region mountainside in the eighth wonder of the world. Despite these rice terraces in the head, immediately raises the question as without the use of special equipment could create all this?

Philippine terraces are located at an altitude of 1500 meters (above sea level), they cover an area of ​​10,360 sq km Presumably, the first sections of the mountain slopes that have been treated with primitive tools, there were about 2 000 years ago. Interestingly, the ancestors of the agricultural tribes "Ifugao" are direct descendants of modern inhabitants of Banaue.

Philippine rice terraces are carved hollows in the rock, which are impregnated with water. In spite of this miracle, you can try to describe how high the mountain staircase rising high in the clouds. The steps of this heavenly ladder create carved field.

At this point, you can contemplate the rice in various stages of vegetation, ranging from germinating shoots, ending standing in water with dense tufts of grass. The color of the riot, the scale and beauty affects all possible shades of green and brown.

By the way, you should know that the 1995 irrigation systems in Banaue included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage, today they are protected by the UN. Alas, now over banauesskimi terraces threatened erosion. And the thing is that a vast number of fields is not processed. Philippine terrace in need of supervision and subject to restoration.

In summary, it is necessary to note once again that the greatness and beauty of this miracle, amaze and surprise even inveterate skeptics and grumblers!


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