Life in the USSR: good or bad?

"Again nostalgia for the Soviet Union" - you might say.
No. A little bit wrong.
I want to pull you into fotospor memories of the USSR. To nostalgic (or hate that era) convincingly demonstrated that they like / dislike / that they remember / loved / hated.
To those who did not catch the days looked.
Maybe they will be treated differently to the same era, which has already become history.
Only need to confirm his words photo.
So interesting.
Try? Nice and with respect for each other :)

First time in first class.
September 1 for first-graders always a holiday. Remember the pride when you walk in a new form (which with such enthusiasm recently tried on in the "Children's World"), with flowers, with a knapsack behind going for my first "Lesson of the world»?

Honestly little erased, blurry as it was. The only thing that is good to remember, it oktyabryatskoe link. Competition between the links. All good early, warm memories. And remember, that's such badges were common, and "fashionable" were considered transparent plastic ("glass") with a photo inside.

Many frown spilled on them. But I was a pioneer. And when I tied the tie, but it was in the museum of the revolution, I was walking home in the unbuttoned jacket for all to see that I was a pioneer. Unfortunately, his tie somewhere I lost :(

Pioneer camp.
Suffice it to say that there is the first time I danced with a girl (not forced), the first time he played in the "heat lightning", first met at dawn in the Pioneer fire, and more with a friend I almost kicked out of camp for dancing in the pouring rain: )
Was I still have a book of Russian fairy tales, thick, red, evening around the squad, I read them, it is now not enough, I listened with interest!
Pulled the bread from the dining room to the evening, pulled out from under the pillow they crackle (crusts - a special treat). The truth, the whole bed was then in crumbs :)

She was free. Every year - were all doctors. All. At any
enterprise / organization / school / kindergarten.
At the resort? - You'Re Welcome. In the resort? - Forward.
And now many can boast an annual inspection and vaccination?
At best, they are driving on the x-rays ...

My father went to work in Siberia, after the arrival of bought a snow-white Muscovite, as in the photo. When I first saw it, it was an incredible feeling of delight, better machine could not be :)

Who would not want to become an astronaut? I have a feeling that everyone wanted. What can I say, we knew all the astronauts by name, in order of their flights.
Collecting stamps, calendars, books - everything that had to do with space.

I will say that it was not possible to serve, however, every weekend stuck to the TV, watching "Serve the Soviet Union." Strong, fair - that's the image of man in the form of the time.

Was respected. Not afraid of her - respect. Can complement themselves, who faced.

Demonstration on May 1.
As you wish, you can call all the zombies or something else, but it was a real feast.

What were the movies, what actors! Is today's commercial production can be compared with the masterpieces of the time? Well, as you know, our employees Bolshoi Theater applauded the entire planet!

Of course, this is my, mostly children and youth memories, they are certainly a bit naive, but, in my opinion, very good. Nothing negative to not spread, I think this will be typed in the comments, but, my friends, be objective and do not swear :)




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