The French Riviera

At this time, our project gladly tell you about yet another beautiful places of our planet ... and our story will focus on the French Riviera. Simply put, the French Riviera - the most beautiful place, decorating the Mediterranean coast. If you are among the admirers beach holiday, then this is the place you will find a paradise. By the way, here are the world's major centers of tourism, namely Nice, Cannes, St Tropez and Monte Carlo.

In addition to tourism centers with world-renowned French Riviera boasts resorts such as Juan-les-Pins and Saint-Raphael, who can not boast of their size, but they are no less luxurious and beautiful, they are called diamond Côte d'Azur.

The French Riviera is famous for its beach areas, speak about them that they are the most glamorous and hottest places for sunbathing. When the sun is leaving these places, the French Riviera becomes an arena for noisy parties and fashionable "party».

The capital of the French Riviera Nice call, it is the most affordable in comparison to other cities coast of France. In Nice, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, the old town, which will delight and amaze your visitor harbors with churches, stylish building, and art museums. Very close to Nice is other pearls of the French Riviera such as Juan-les-Pins and Antibes, which are hidden in the peninsula.

As for Cannes, they are, firstly, known as an enclave for international stars, and secondly, there are many shops, yachts, and entertainment. More About the Cannes film festival due znaeyut.

Along the coast of France has lots of embankments with a beautiful beach areas with a lot of interesting things that are worth a try. French Riviera - not only resorts with world-renowned, yet it is crystal clear, warm and blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the long sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque coastline along the English Channel. By the way, the French are famous for beaches more that are tolerant to the fact that people bathe naked, therefore, very many tourists sunbathe topless, and some have no clothes.

If you expect from France is not only a beach holiday, then it makes sense to pay a visit to Marseille, which will surprise you with the old port, lovely street markets, as well as many historic sites. It should be noted, and Normandy, which is considered a historic region of France. In its list of attractions appear on D-Day beaches and the many picturesque towns.

But France's most popular attractions are located in Paris, which is rightly called the center of restaurants, museums, monuments and shopping centers. Why are only the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral - objects with global status and titles!

But according to our editorial staff, the main attraction of France is still a French Riviera, it combines the best features of rest. You can enjoy the paradise beach areas, where you can sunbathe topless, but if you want here, but in the evening you can taste the night life. Uniquely French coast - an incredibly beautiful place on Earth. To visit at least one village of this coast should each of us what our editors and wants you!


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