Women do not get mad, gentlemen

Theme: "Do not get mad women" very, very relevant. At all times and under any social system. Remember, Zhvanetskogo "not chip a woman ...". Or Soviet film with Filatov "Women joke seriously." Yes examples can lead to exhaustion of the body, because the fragile half of humanity is better not to bring up at that point, after which it begins, at best, fouling, and the worst for you - exquisite revenge. A woman's place - it's not as straight as a telegraph pole action man. It is a sophisticated elegance, multiplied by the disadvantaged ego and exponentiation indomitable desire retribution. Be sure she will be able to choose the moment when you are most vulnerable (or even better - completely exposed), and lightly thin handles to push you into the abyss of despair.
Well, about as in the following video. While there, if we ignore the gender solidarity muzhichёnka we asked for. That does not detract from showiness sweet act of revenge. Men, be careful!


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