5 ways to operate more efficiently and at the same time to enjoy life

• Do not work late

Not all great people spent their entire day at work. For example, the philosopher Michel Foucault worked only from 9 to 15. Beethoven worked from sunrise until noon. None of them even hatched 12:00

• Get plenty of rest

Even in his short-lived working days, great people very often distracted from his work and staged a break. Socrates, for example, at times he could just stop by middle of the street and did not move for a few minutes. Beethoven, as we know, every morning to do a little jogging, or just strolling through the mall. He is often called a pastime "work while walking»

• Do not operate at noon

Of course, in each case, there are exceptions, but most geniuses have never worked in the afternoon. For example, Victor Hugo loved after a morning of work on his compositions ride on a two-tier bus to Paris and watch the work as possible future heroes of his stories

• Take a break and eat

Before you sit down Churchill even took the bathroom and put on clean clothes. For us mere mortals, lunch, a quick bite somewhere on a bench in the park or in the office, after which we immediately hasten to take their workplace

• Diversify your life

Days of great men were full of surprises and an amazing variety of activities. From this we can conclude that if we want to succeed, do not get hung up on the little things to try everything once. Even gloomy German philosopher, Immanuel Kant made every day day trip or dinner with friends. Gandhi loved afternoon walk, swim and walk for a long time for a massage ...


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