The American Ornithologists have created a robot-sparrow

At Duke University in North Carolina ornithologists together with the students, engineers and taxidermist were able to make the electro-sparrow, reports BBC.
The reason for creating such a strange device served as experiments to study aggression marsh sparrows and other birds. During the response to sounds made by rivals, sparrows make characteristic movements wings. However, until recently the nature of these movements was not clear.

Scientists were able to create a life-simulation voice sparrow and recreate the most frequently committed traffic. The engine controlling unit wings, had to make to order, as standard items fit for the "implantation" in effigy.

During the experiment, it was found out that the decisive role in the intimidation of an opponent is playing a voice - "flavorings" flapping wings of a sparrow-robot does not take effect. They attributed the "combativeness" males. It is noted that the robot has been attacked regularly, regardless, he waved his wings or not.


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