Legendary cave in Ecuador reveals his secret

Cave Los Tayos located in the province of Morona Santiago, Ecuador
In this region there are many caves of different sizes and shapes, some of which form labyrinths.
One of them, the cave Tayos - a mysterious place surrounded by many myths and legends which tell of lost civilizations, to keep the secret of humanity, of the metal library with scriptures or hieroglyphs, left for future generations, and even traces of alien giants.

All these myths and legends make the cave Tayos magical and mysterious place. What is known for sure in this area lived tribes and communities with their own way of life, about 1000 BC. e.

Cave Tayos - very large-scale structure. It is believed that it covers an area of ​​approximately 4,000 square meters. To get to the cave, you must rise to a height of 800 meters, where the main entrance.

The cave entrance - a vertical tunnel of about 2 meters in diameter and 63 meters in depth. It offers a maze, many kilometers of paths that should take only a born guide and special equipment.

The natural formation of the caves took place in the history of the Tertiary period (3500 BC. E.). According to the available collection of artifacts and study the priest Pedro Porras (this is the only scientific research, recognized by the Ecuadorian archeology), it is believed that the cave was inhabited by approximately 800 400 years. Don. e. From material evidence has pottery and remnants of shells.

It is believed that at a later time, in the days of the Inca ruler Tupac Inca Yupanqui, the cave inhabited nomadic group Shuar.

Tayos River near the cave. Photo from quitoadventure.com

The exhibits are part of the Speleological complex known as the "ceremonial room" were found at the entrance to the underground gallery Tayos. These objects were also investigated Porras.

Ceremonial Hall - a huge room about 60 meters long, 23 meters wide and almost 30 meters high. Through a hole in the top of the wall breaks a small amount of sunlight.

On the north side is the formation of which, according to archaeologists, is something of a staircase built man. On the opposite side is an isolated block of stone in the form of a prism of the geological nature, which could be an altar.

In the ceremonial hall adjacent to the room is a rough pyramid of stone slabs height of 120 centimeters. Within the archaeological complex has two other similar structures within a distance of 16 and 23 meters from the center of the pyramid.

Found within the separated complex items for classification into three groups: stone, ceramic and sinks. Scientists have counted 111 ceramic fragments: it is decorated with pieces of pots and utensils.

It was identified decorating ceramics - red figures on beige background, mostly dotted lines.

To date, restored much of spherical vessels, vases with handles, anthropomorphic vessels and ornitomorficheskimi elements.

In addition, it was found several varieties of shells: spondilus, European pearl mussel and the cone. Beads made from shells, square and rectangular plates; also found a CD with images of snakes and cats, as mentioned Porras.

Many of the objects in the cave, were stolen by robbers, so historians have no concrete idea about the history of the cave.

Some believe that the cave housing the center Tayos were lost civilization discovered Argentine-Hungarian ethnologist Juan Moritz. Last he announced that he had found a library of this civilization, which houses thousands of books from the metal plates. But then Moritz announced hoaxer.

Various legends, myths and history coexist with the physical reality Tayos cave, which is a geological formation with the evidence of human presence in ancient history.


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