The cave Movil (21 photos)

One blogger described the amazing cave, which is located near the Romanian town of Mangalia and its unique ecosystem.

In 1986, during the geological studies before the construction of the power plant near the Romanian town of Mangalia at a depth of about 18 meters it was found closed cave system with specific conditions. Fueled groundwater with a high content of hydrogen sulfide (8-12 mg / l), a cave named Movil, had its own atmosphere, oxygen-poor (7-10%), rich in carbon dioxide (2-3.5%) and containing a significant amount of methane (1 -2%). Her research began in 1990.

The beauty of this relatively small cave (length of the explored part of about 300 m) with narrow aisles, covered with mud, not amazing - standard limestone dirty hole with a lake, dividing the above-water part of the three isolated cavity. The chip in the other.


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