Why Green calms?

The positive effect of green on the human body is well known. Psychologists say that if you want the situation to quiet, but at the same time productive work, make sure that you are surrounded by as many green items.
Psychologists explain the positive effect of color on the human body because it is shades of green we associate with nature, something alive and fresh.

Green background refreshing work environment, making it not so gloomy and sad. In contrast, gray negative impact on the general state of health personnel, and, consequently, on his work.

Very often in the office you will notice an abundance of flowers. This is another evidence that green beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the office.

Psychologists also recommend the use of plenty of green design for a bedroom or nursery. Wallpapers color of fresh herbs, according to psychologists, normalizes sleep, and improves overall health. Especially well-suited for a background of a child who is growing and developing.

Speaking of color, which should be avoided for the processing facilities, specialists give primacy black, then red. The list of "nelyubimchikov" psychologists were also brown and purple hues. Psychologists say that it is this color palette puts pressure on human rights and in some cases even cause depression.

Thoroughly should avoid dark tones in the bedroom and in the workplace - this is the advice of experts. Green color is preferred also because scientists have only recently discovered that a person on a subconscious level, surrounded by green objects much warmer and more comfortable.

Obviously, color play an important role in our lives. Depending on what colors prevail in the interior, where we are, we react differently and perceive this or that situation. If you want the atmosphere for peace, choose warm colors and avoid aggressive dark colors.


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