Photos from the competition Sony World Photography Awards 2014

Beautiful and deep photos with the world famous competition. "Zeybek.»

"Taiwan". Splash feelings during the wedding.

"Cityscapes Shanghai».

"Crazy couple." Photo of the project on dudes.

"Yellow Boy". Boy on holiday choline most important festival of India.

"Glamorous child».

"Housebound". Homeless children Chittagong.

"Mother and Son".

"Aerial". Aeronimkov series was made in the central and southern parts of Iceland.

Vakil Bath. Shiraz.

"Big Cat, vermillion cat." Part advertising Whiskas.

"What is missing ..?»

"Wax System". Madame Tussauds.

"Neighbours". So called Belgian double house like duplexes. Each house is not like ryados standing.

"The price of slavery." A series of images, which show that mourn the men who came to the ruins of the former garment factories in Savaré, Bangladesh.

"The depth of winter." Picture taken in Poland.

"The silence before the storm." Tunnel Greenwich in London.

"Survivors". Every year in Bangladesh, people get burned with acid. Scars remain for life.

"Immortals." A series of photos

Ples u tami II

"Nothing more." A series of photos with the victims of tornadoes in the United States

"Samsara". Kumbh Mela, the rites of mass Hindu pilgrimage to the holy sites of Hinduism. The largest number of participants religious procession.

"Fighter. Father "One of a series of photos, which you can trace the history of the life of George Herrera, who at age 35 had to completely change their lives.

"Through the window»

The "wet dog". Another photo from a series of dogs after washing

"Italy". Biela


Rakher Upobash. An elderly Hindu piously near hramaShri Shri Lokanath Brahmachar Ashram

"Unnamed". Miners working in a gold mine in Costa Rica

"Deep in the night." Photos from the nightclub.


"Mongol". Hunter resting near his home in the steppes of Mongolia

"The bears and birds." Picture taken in Svalbard.

"Where are you looking?»

"Young people from the tribe of Kara, Ethiopia»

"Festival in Padang»

"Dirty smile." Woman jumping into the lake after taking a mud bath.

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