There are women in our settlements ... (10 photos)

More than 32 tonnes at a time, you can not raise Nastya - safety does not allow. When it floats to the ceiling shop at 10-meter height, most men neck fold, there is something to see. Young tall, slender girl with ease catches and concrete slabs, like a feather, transfers at destination. Nastya - crane operator. This profession today among the fairer sex is not very popular, but it is said to have many girl friends, just adds to her charm.

Several years ago, Nastia came to the university. Mom told her - not pass the competition, will work at the plant efficient industrial designs with me. It so happened that has not arrived, and being an obedient daughter, went, as promised, to the factory to work as a plasterer. Year wore buckets, plastered walls. He received the third rank.
- In our factory in the shops were cranes, I always looked up, and I wanted to get there, it looked like it would be very cool - says Nastya. - I have long urged the authorities to pay my studies. The result achieved still his. Under the contract, I was to learn, and then had to work for three years at the plant, do not take maternity leave. In general, I agree.

When Nastya came for the first time on the course, I thought, "Damn, all I got." It turned out that there are gaining people from all over the country. In the group there were 28 people, among them - 3 girls. The average age of men - 30, one was even at 60. All as on selection - burly broad-rural. Coming into a classroom for the first time, she was a little panicked.
- But it turned out that I was frightened for nothing - smiling crane operator. - My classmates were decent, nice people who gallantry towards the ladies could compete with many metropolitan goons. The men treated me like a Thumbelina, a speck of dust blew. The maximum that could afford (with my permission, of course) - to raise a dispute on one hand, competing in daring. But the most fun was when Dean said the headman to choose my men unanimously pointed to me.
Before finalizing, Nastya returned to the factory for the first time got up on the crane. It was very scary.

- I can not imagine that when this pandora moves, shakes her terribly - she laughs, remembering. - The first hour, until we "rode" on the shop floor, I was really shaking, regardless of whether moving crane cab or not. But what kind opened in front of me - the whole factory at a glance, and you like the queen of the world. Before lunch, I sat and watched how the foreman. Plates she literally flew, it really seemed that the crane - a continuation of her hands. And then she just stood up and said: "Work." And gone.
Before the eyes of Nastia was only three controllers - one responsible for the movement of the crane left and right, the other moved the truck back and forth, the third raised and lowered slings. It seems simple. But in fact, each crane is special, it is almost like a living organism, and it must be to find a way.
- Something like this, I think, motorists are to their cars, - the young crane operator. - One tap, for example, the fifth speed is not switched on, another ten-plate at the first speed will not lift, you must immediately include the fourth, third brake specific area catch bad ...

The first concrete slab, which I have been transferred, has a length of 10 meters and a width of 5. It is said: "lift", and I do not understand that it is necessary to make the entire theory at once flew out of my head. Inhaled, he exhaled, gathered, transported and placed. Look - the foreman watching me. Rings, said: "Well done, keep up the good work."
This crane Nastya worked 1, 5 months, and then she wanted something new. And she went to the site of the plant, where he once worked as a plasterer. After the crane was the third, fourth, he worked not only in the shop, but also on the street, and in the heat, when he had to pour water to at least a little to recover from lack of air, and in the 20-degree cold. In general, I try all cranes at the factory, except for two.


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