The struggle for the client

About the items of income of our valiant service DAI can navayal whole dissertation. Who faced - he knows. One of these sources - truckers. Polyublyaet gentlemen of the road patrol service to communicate with the drivers of trucks. Selfishly motivated, of course.
And so laden wagon rolls in not quite the allotted time for that route, which, of course, are on duty Knights Road Service. Wait or go around - even more expensive, so know, but go.
The terrain is very rugged, hilly. Knight on a hill with two military post with striped sword. Waving to stop to talk. Fura begins to slow down, but Mahina healthy, and with slides, until stopped - drove a hundred meters from the post.
And stopped exactly next to the girl. Well, the same worker road service. Not only of punishing, and from staff. Provides a range of indulgent services to drivers, and passengers.
A gentleman with a rod rolling from the top, that your bun, cap already moved out. Out of breath, jumps on the bandwagon. A girl from behind his belt starts to pull.
-It Guys came to me! - Shouts.
The guys in the cockpit begin to laugh wildly. Laughter goes in the net tantrum when Knight starts lupasit maid with a rod on the arms and shout: "Leave me alone! These are my! »
Resting driver broke down and through the sobs gurgled:
-What? The client is not shared? So you arrange somehow. And then we have the money for only one ...
Verification of documents lasted nearly half an hour.


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