Battery with a charge for 20 years - is already a reality

Scientists were able to create a battery with a long life.
Imagine that soon you will have a smartphone that can work in peace for about 20 years without recharging.

This is not fantasy, but reality. This was made possible thanks to the peaceful atom. Do not worry - scientists claim that such irradiating nuclear battery impossible.

Tritium - this substance is used in the basis of such batteries. Yes, it is radioactive, but safe for humans, because the decay of the emitted electrons are retained even apparel or human skin and do not go further.

This material is often used for lighting in high-end watches that glow in the dark or on different labels (see. Tritium illumination).

The developers claim that this battery can provide 50 to 300 nanoamp (0, 8-2, 4) for 20 years. True cost of such a battery will be $ 1125.

Unfortunately, the prototype is not yet able to feed even the weakest smartphone, but work in this direction is already underway. Perhaps in a few years we will walk with phones tritium battery.


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