Wonder Wizard

In Pushcha-Voditsa (who do not know - near Kiev) cause repairmen anything quite problematic. But the situation is obliged - Carnival at the bow, ready to come friends, so Sasha skinned fence with ads all phone numbers. He was old, even shovels refrigerator, which he decided to restore in addition to the core.
Repair two profit. Sasha was surprised - there business somehow all - Freon change, but he thinks, God bless them, will share payment for two. Type in arrivals was how to put it mildly, a bit dusty. Surveyed their sneakers with rock samples of soil, he asked them to remove their shoes, what immediately regretted. Socks aliens were not much cleaner top shoes and boots that smelled worse than the janitor Tikhon.
But what has been done - done. Repairmen stumbled into the kitchen and pulled the refrigerator on the edge of carpet. Then asked spoon.
-Why? - Reasonably asked Sasha
Yeah, you know, we lost a gas burner. Bought new, and it is without a reflector.
Fair Enough. Get lads spoon, carefully inspect it, ascertain that the spoon is good and ask for a piece of copper wire. The owner of a dilemma - whether to laugh these Ravshana and Dzhamshuta, or drive right in FIG. Inclined to the first and gives a piece of wire. At this materiel requests were not over. Were requested:
-nozhnitsy roofing
-tazik water
-banochka water.
Purely for fun Sasha gave everything required. Since after the transfer of all necessary equipment had to draw a picture of how these two now collect aircraft and begin to soar over Pushcha, scaring birds and spreading the fragrance of socks.
Those time brothers Cherepanov tightened wire spoon included a kerosene stove and started the process. Sealed, steel pump freon. There was a low whistle. Clearly, nedopayali craftsmen.
Looks to save freon, one of rebyatushek that smaller, decided to repair the leak right during the process, and jumped from the burning kerosene to leak. As a result of long and thin jet of fire landed on the track and it burnt out that your napalm. Rukodelniki froze. On fire because you can watch forever. The owner started yelling to bad people immediately put out the results of their folly. Krupnenky woke up and threw the prepared bowl of water. Outbreak, which resulted in the melted plastic tray of the refrigerator.
Finally - a miracle - all soldered. But ended freon. And Sasha has not wanted to laugh.
Upload freon he called another team. But the bowl and tools far decided not to remove.


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