Dogs treated children (12 photos)

A dog is not only man's best friend, but now the doctor for sick children. There is a center of Canico therapy, which is used to treat dogs with children.

There is a breed of dog, you know it well - Golden Retriever (or a golden retriever). These are 50-60 kg of boundless love and affection to all the people around. This dog kindness itself in its pure form, the desire to be with a man in every way to show him their admiration, affection and devotion. It is the quality used by doctors for the so-called Canis therapy when working with distressed children, especially those suffering from autism. In autistic frequent manifestations of unprovoked aggression and Canico retriever therapy helps reduce their hyperactivity and disruptive behavior. In children suffering from cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, mental retardation improves coordination, reduces spasticity, improves memory, almost all children become more self-reliant and contact. Children who are engaged with dogs, gradually carry a positive attitude to them on their environment, the world in general, become more sociable, easier to go on contact. In short, these loving shaggy creation on all fours to help their young patients to make their lives and the lives of their loved ones is easier to instill in them a new quality, which they are deprived of the disease. In one of these centers Canis therapy in Moscow, RIA Novosti photo correspondent visited


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