Photos of Planet Earth (20 photos)

Photo Contest Environmental Photographer of the Year 2013 - is one of the fastest growing photographic competitions in the world. It is dedicated to environmental issues, constantly changing and often unstable relationship between man and the natural world.

The queue at the world's largest fast-food restaurant McDonald's. Unusual "eco-friendly" design of the Olympic restaurant was designed for three years. The building consists of two floors, each of which is about half the length of a football field. (Photo by Josh Redman)

Tanker truck on a dusty road in Uganda. (Photo by Thomas White)

Features of national transport in Bangladesh. (Photo Md. Khalid Rayhan Shawon)

Collection of rice in Indonesia. (Photo Alamsyah Rauf)

Old TV. Small happy young people living in difficult conditions. Nouakchott, Africa. (Photo by Igor Petkovic)

Forest trees Kolchanova night. (Photo by Florian Breuer)

Plasticos - so-called conversational greenhouse for growing vegetables, which are distributed in the south of Spain with terrifying speed, capturing new territory, leaving only islands with houses. From space, they look like a sea of ​​plastic, so that name. (Photo by Steve Brockett)

These mountains of garbage are not just anywhere, but in London.

Life in the dump in Ghana. According to the United Nations, to 50 million. Tons of toxic electronic waste accumulate worldwide each year. (Photo Kai Loeffelbein)

The owner drags its death toll from severe winter sheep in a cemetery near his tent. Arkhangai, Mongolia. (Photo by Alessandro Grassani)

This centuries-old building on the outskirts of Dhaka in Bangladesh. backwater, where 80 families live. (Photo Akash)

Buriganga River flows near the capital city of Bangladesh. This dump waste textiles. Photographer photographed a fire at the landfill and a single fighter with fire. Dhaka, Bangladesh, November 1, 2012. (Photo by Akash)

The train station in Frankfurt, Germany. (Photo by Steve Morgan)

A ghost town on the coast of Spain. In this country there is a crisis of the real estate, 1.2 million empty houses and apartments. With the hammer leave entire towns, housing prices are falling rapidly ... (Photo by Steve Broket)

Salar de Uyuni - the world's largest dried-up salt lake in the south of the desert plains of the Altiplano in Bolivia at an altitude of 3650 meters above sea level. The inner part of the lake is covered with a layer thickness of salt from 2 to 8 meters. (Photo by Javier Arcennilas)

Lifeless landscape. In the area of ​​actively developing coal mines no sheep or cattle. In order to somehow revive the landscape, the local authorities have made 120 sculptures of sheep, cows, horses, camels, and put them in the county. (Photo by Lu Guang)

Ghost Town Odaka. March 11, 2011 in Japan, was the most powerful in the history of the country's earthquake. At the same time there was a major accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", which is around the 20-kilometer exclusion zone - the territory whose inhabitants will never be able to return home. (Photo by Pierpaolo Mittica)

Endless construction in Asia, Hong Kong. (Photo by Stuart Chape)

This picture was taken near the town of Oroszlany, Hungary. In this place, on the shore of the lake there are fishing lodges. Because of the nearby power plant water in the lake does not freeze even in severe frosts. (Photo by Zoltan Balogh)



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