School uniforms in Russia and other countries (18 photos)

Amusing story about school uniforms offers us read one blogger from Samara. He will show pictures of school clothes worn in different countries.

The United Kingdom has introduced a school uniform has long been in almost all schools. But there are exceptions, who say that without it, you can learn well. Below pictures of elite and ordinary colleges and schools. I'm not going to draw conclusions, it is better, as I usually do, because it is too complex an issue of strong "for" and "against". Just take a look at how students dress in the world. Examples terrible forms are everywhere, just in Russia, I think, more of them than in developed countries. Left pictures of Eton College, which "produces" 4% of the British elite.

Guardian: «School uniform does not improve the school. Times it does not affect performance, why is it still popular? Firstly, it is not possible to develop subcultures in school. Secondly, the children wore uniforms centuries. Third, there is no ethnic and gender differences ».

CreativeEducation: & quot; In the UK, almost all children wear school uniforms. School uniform instills in students a sense of belonging to one big team, one team. However, children begin to differentiate between "our" and "foreign", which has a negative impact on relations between schools. Studies show that there is no direct relationship between the form and results. Wearing uniforms, you get used to the official style of clothing that will be needed in the future to work. & Quot; I also want to imagine the shape of the hat)

In some institutions, with a long history and a great name there is a strict time limit. Terms TASIS: «Permitted form only one manufacturer. Shirts must be buttoned. Pants at the waist. On the jacket must be a tie. No headgear. Belt can only be black / brown leather. Boys may not wear earrings "and so on.

When I was in England, next to my house was a school. Pupils there were horrible gray jumper with some logo in the form of a stream. In Russia, I saw a couple of good posters. The rest - the work of teacher in Word, far removed from the design. For some reason our schools are embarrassed to order a good logo or even steal from the west.

In Britain, an experiment was conducted on a temporary abolition of school uniforms, which showed that it does not affect performance.

I want to wear robes and yellow stockings)

Since school uniform there just for the beauty and the Imja, it must be either very steep as in Kollezhde Eaton (with the mantle) or no. I am totally against the terrible black - gray-green jacket. Or beautiful, or not at all.

In my first Buguruslan school we were required jackets, trousers and white shirts / blouses. No jeans or striped blue shirt with short sleeves. These rules seem to be hated by all. Because we all have different concepts of beauty, all things were different. The new form of the Samara school there, but wear it as desired. In general, 1 to 7 classes. In high simpler. If only the emblem is normally done.

My class:

North Korea, the communist island:

US democratic island. I do not understand why Russia is not accustomed polo. In America, according to the issuance of Google, half colored polo schools.

Protests against the democratic island forms:



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