The border between North and South Korea (22 photos)

The most insecure and tense border in the world is between North and South Korea. Although an agreement was signed the armistice, the air still soars very nervous atmosphere.
Even if you just shoot in the air, the soldiers of North Korea immediately begins to shoot to kill.

Memorial stone in memory of the armistice agreement in 1953 after a conflict north and south at an impasse.

Demilitarized Zone on the 38th parallel with the troops, ready at any moment to resist the attack of the neighbor.

And the attacks have occurred many times. North Korean soldiers killed two US Army officers here, on this bridge in 1976. The bridge called "Bridge of no return". They called him because all the North Korean soldiers who deliberately surrendered crossed this particular bridge. And not one of them wanted to go back.

Both Koreas have city inside the demilitarized zone


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