Animal feed dogs are killed

British expert in the field of dog food blamed major manufacturers pet of deliberate reduction of life of millions of dogs.

"Would you feed your family a meal prepared from the rejected meat? And would add to the children's tea rancid fat collected from the fryer? Or would have baked a cake from a dirty grain harvested from the floor dirty shop? But all these products every day you give your dogs "- so begins the story expert in the field of dog food Self Jonathan (Jonathan Self).
According to him, the unpleasant truth is that if you give your dog pet food in a dry or canned form, without knowing its feed substances, causing severe and possibly fatal harm.

In a television documentary on Channel 5 on canine nutrition, Self accused major manufacturers of pet food in a deliberate reduction of the lives of millions of dogs each year. He said that owners of pets are sold dry or canned food made from ingredients unfit for consumption.

"We all know about the connection between our diet and health - said the expert. - The same happens in dogs. If you study the anatomy of these animals, and gray wolves, you will find that their digestive systems are identical, so your dog's diet should consist of the same components as the diet of wolves. And they are known to consume raw meat, bones and herbs. That such a diet will provide the dogs health and longevity.
However, manufacturers of food for dogs convinced us of the opposite, resulting in the majority of patients fall into the veterinary clinic due to improper diet. The dog food contains ingredients disgusting quality and, even worse, a large amount of grain, which changes the pH (acidity) in the stomach of the animal and causes health problems. In addition, during the preparation of feed destroyed important enzymes responsible for thousands of vital metabolic processes, resulting in the food changes its structure, and the dog is very difficult to digest.
Of course, manufacturers will tell you that the passage of time has changed the dog's digestive system and can be processed grain. But we should remember that dog food appeared 150 years ago and became popular only since the end of World War II. But paleontologists believe that the mind should be an average of 100 000 years to adapt to the new diet ".
SELF Article published in the tabloid Daily Mail, he concludes with a list of recommended products that help to cope with the behavioral problems of the dog, that is to make sluggish and irritable pet active and cheerful.
These include chicken, lamb, beef, rabbit and pork, as well as the internal organs of these animals, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk and oil, fatty fish, such as herring, salmon and sardines.

In addition, in the diet of dogs must be present plants and root vegetables, such as spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and parsnips, fresh and dried fruit, other than grapes



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