Historic pictures of old Moscow Emil V. Gauthier-Dyufaye

Here is a collection of old photos of streets, alleys and squares of Moscow, who were taken a hundred years ago Emile Gauthier-Dyufaye Vladimirovich. The museum Shchusev Architecture contains over 500 of his pictures, but experts say that in the author's collection was about 700 pictures of old Moscow. So who knows, maybe in the near future we will have to wait for the new fotootkrytiya. Often when viewing images from the modern capital of the audience raises a lot of questions: in what form is preserved architecture of the city, how to construct its road transportation system, and most importantly, whether the city is convenient for people's lives ...
Old photographs of Moscow have the opposite effect - they radiate heat, causing the viewer with nostalgia and sentimentality ... Other Forms of familiar streets and alleys on the one hand create a feeling quite different, different from our own and completely forgotten life, and on the other - they are filled with a special atmosphere. Despite more than a century of age, old photos of the city of amazingly "living».

Cook Street

Filippovskiy lane

View Cross Lane, on the right manor Buturlins, she manor RI Vorontsov, 1910.

View Znamenka from Pashkov House. In the distance, on the right, is seen entering the mansion Buturlins.

Znamenka Street, view on Moss Street, Kremlin and Pashkov House (left)

View of the main manor house from the corner of Znamenka Buturlins and Cross Lane

View Kuznetsky Most of Petrovka


Smolensky market

View from Prechistenka Tsaritsyno (Chertolky) lane

Trinity Church in Zubovo


Sivtsev Vrazhek

St. Basil's Cathedral

Sheremetev (now Romanov) lane

Suschevsky shaft

Gate entrance to the Alexandrovsky Garden


Watering the streets at the Theatre Square.

Source: pastvu.com


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