Abandoned nuclear bunker

Alternative post about the system "Perimeter", not everything is so rosy!
Abandoned nuclear bunker
March 13, 2011 We went to an abandoned bunker automatic control nuclear retaliation.

Went there for the night.
Imagine: a 125-ton capsule height of 33 meters and 12 storeys, banners hanging on to the depreciation in the event of an attack, is designed for 45 days of battery life, and of course launch nuclear warheads.
But that's not all - most importantly, it's part of the Soviet "Doomsday Machine" - system "Perimeter"!
This complex computers - by analyzing the situation and sensors in case of confirmation of a nuclear attack launched missile command - based 15A16 (MR UR-100U),

fly over the territory of the USSR and transmitting the code to unlock the nuclear warheads on land, at sea and in the air.
Secretary General could run the system and to absolve themselves of responsibility for retaliation - that is complete and final destruction of all life on earth is done automatically! This is a major deterrent against an attack on our country.
This is the only work up to 1995 (prior to the ratification of START-1) in the world doomsday machine - the Americans called it "dead hand", as provided for launching missiles aimed at a potential enemy, even in the case of the death of staff.
Place where we sezdit - one of the key points on which to hold the world in the world from 1983 to 1995 years.
Drive to completely unremarkable, but in winter it popular trail is easy to find

It is hard to imagine what lies at the bottom of this ...

To zoom pictures with us

The capsule hangs at the 2nd tier and we decided that the top 2 disassembled, went down

Shock absorber, on which hangs a capsule, are at a slight angle to the vertical axis

Military Parts signed so:

I am standing on one of the extensions

All wires are cut

Go down and find the first tier flooded, oh it was necessary to take scuba

we go down to the 2nd floor inside the capsule and find lockers under the ancient lamp computer

That's all say prosrali, abandoned, and remember movies and documentaries that period,
We stuffed it kazhdzhy day.
What was the mood - they were all afraid of nuclear war, every day waiting for her, ready for this their children, and it lasted 40 years.
People are tired of living in fear, one of the parties was to begin disarming.
In the early '80s in the United States and the Soviet Union two groups of scientists conducted mathematical modeling posledsvty nuclear explosion.
Americans spend more detailed modeling of short (20 days). Our - more generally long (380 days).
results for the first 20 days, to the smallest detail coincided with US.
In late 1983, an international conference at which a report was read "Modeling climatic effects of nuclear war", prepared by the staff of the Computing Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
On the basic ("basic") scenario occurs nuclear exchange with total capacity of 5000 MT
The purpose of the bombing - the city.
("Surgical" strikes against targets isolated technically impossible because of the large - more than 100 kilotons - the power of strategic warheads)
Script writers assess the magnitude of the release of dust and soot and possible consequences of the global emissions of climate: for all possible scenarios inevitably rapid and sharp cooling.
This is facilitated by also focusing in modern cities huge amount of combustible materials. Director of the Max Planck Institute (Germany), P. Crutzen calculated that if today is a result of "fire tornado" burn a large city with a population of several million people, the transparency of the atmosphere on a large enough area decreases of 10 million times.
The report announced figures
& Quot; ... although on the 40th day after the nuclear exchange drop in temperature in the Northern Hemisphere is an average of 12, 9 ° C, in some areas it is much more: in Alaska and in the central regions of North America - 36 ° C, on the east Coast of North America - 40 ° C, in Central Europe - 51 ° C, on the Kola Peninsula - 56 ° C, at low latitudes biggest cooling observed in the Arabian Peninsula - 51 ° C; 243 Day temperature increases slightly, but in the north-east of America it is still 32 ° C lower than the average in Central Europe - 30 ° C, in the Arabian Peninsula - 24 ° C, in Central Africa - 10 ° C & quot;
The lack of vertical convection (hot lighter layers located above the cooler) braked sharply dust precipitation, it will lead to the complete absence of precipitation. The temperature difference between land and ocean will lead to unprecedented hurricanes.
Decrease in mean annual temperature in the Northern Hemisphere even "only" 6-7 degrees would mean total loss of crops.
Under these conditions, the global atmospheric fallout contamination and toxic gases, UV damage due to damage of the ozone screen will have a surplus.
One of the options provided no script Mt 5000-6000, a total of 100 MT - How much is in the amount of nuclear warheads on a single missile submarine USA. After the conference was calculated and this option. The optical density of the atmosphere is not increased in this case seven orders of magnitude, and "only" to three months but the "nuclear winter" as severe as in the first embodiment, this is sufficient.
In contrast to the immediate facts of nuclear destruction climatic factors are global in nature. "Nuclear Winter" and "nuclear night", the absence of light, food, fresh water, poisoning the atmosphere with toxic gases affect the entire planet equally. In this war, there can be not only winners and losers, but even neutral. And it may be fatal and relatively small nuclear conflict.
Even more importantly - changing the very concept of the main sources of danger to the person who first "clicks." Until now, an idea of ​​the risk of a nuclear first strike was associated mainly with the understanding of the inevitability of retribution. It is now clear: any sufficiently powerful nuclear strike carried out by the whole of mankind, including for those who are causing it. Retribution - automatic and inevitable - is already enshrined in the this impact. And even more terrible than the blow worse, efficient, accurate. The distinction between nuclear and nuclear-murder suicide, crime and punishment simply erased: For Whom the Bell Tolls whatever nuclear death, he will always call you.
Thanks for the tip Bond, and all who helped to make this trip.


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